Tablet / Laptop Sized Lockers

Ideal for Aquatic Centres, Swimming Pools, Libraries, Wave Parks, Convention Centres, Trampoline Parks, Offices

The perfect lockers for any wallet, purse, phone, laptop or tablet. With our standard 8 door cabinet all 8 doors are in one column you’ll be able to get the maximum amount of doors for those small spaces, giving your customers maximum opportunity to store their valuables.

Additional Extras (in each locker): USB charging (two ports per locker), Standard Power Points for charging.

Dimensions: 400mm(w) x 1925(h) x 500(d)


Custom Cabinets

Don’t have enough space but still want to fill it with lockers? Ask us about our custom narrow cabinets. We’ve previously provided narrow cabinets of one column with 2 doors, 4 doors, 5 doors and 16 doors to our customers and we can do it again!


Optional Extras


USB Charging +

Why not offer your customers additional motivation to hire a locker? We’ve got USB charging for every locker on each cabinet. They can go away and do there thing, come back and be charged for the day!


Power Points

Need to plug in a laptop charger in side a  locker? No problem, we can provide standard wall power sockets in each locker cabinet. Your customers will be charged up and ready to compute for the rest of the day.